JULY 30, 2015

Rackspace::Solve Sydney took place on July 30, 2015. Browse this site for an upcoming Solve event near you!

Rackspace::Solve is a series of FREE conferences where you hear directly from today’s tech and business visionaries about how to solve tough IT challenges. You get an inside look into their IT strategy and the real-world solutions that are helping them scale their business, tackle virtualization, and navigate digital trends.

Deep-dive breakouts cover cloud security, ecommerce, and cloud office tools and more, enabling you to walk away with proven ways to solve your biggest IT challenges.





Before sessions start and during breaks, attendees can get one-on-one advice from Rackspace specialists and our partners in the following technology areas:

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud
Fanatical Support for Amazon Web Services
Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure
Data Services
Cloud Office

…As well as advice from our partner sponsors.


08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
Registration / Solutions Pavilion Open
09:20 AM - 09:40 AM
Curiosity: The Freedom to be Remarkable
The curiosity of individuals within the workplace plays a vital role in an organisation’s effectiveness, growth and ultimately, survival. Michael Henderson is a corporate anthropologist who, over 25 years has observed, advised and educated organisations on how to enhance their workplace culture for greater levels of performance. Michael will delve into the deeper values of what makes a person curious, and how that can translate into an organisational context, leading to better performance. Michael will put forward that technology can aid curiosity through enhancing the ability, breadth and speed of which questions can be explored and answered.
MICHAEL HENDERSON – Corporate Anthropologist, Cultures At Work
09:40 AM - 10:00 AM
Taking on Giants and Disrupting an Industry’s story, from humble startup to multi-national household name, provides a fascinating insight into becoming a massive disruptor in a very entrenched traditional retail business model. Goran Stefkovski, CTO at Kogan, looks at the technology that has supported the company’s rapid growth and enabled it to change the way to deliver the best value in the market and change how Australians shop.
10:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Opening the Doors to Cloud Innovation in Government
The NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) has consolidated a large number of business applications across NSW Government into OneGov, a single SaaS application. Last year OneGov migrated its entire technology stack to a trusted government private Cloud based on OpenStack. The OneGov platform handles millions of digital transactions for the NSW Public, Businesses and Government Agencies. Join Michael Still, OpenStack Core Developer, and Rahul Dutta, Technology Head at OneGov, as they highlight why OpenStack Private Cloud was their Cloud platform of choice and the benefits it has delivered to the organisation.
RAHUL DUTTA – Technology Development & Support Manager, OneGovMICHAEL STILL – OpenStack Core Developer, Rackspace
10:20 AM - 10:50 AM
10:50 AM - 11:20 AM
Panel: Running a SaaS Model on Managed Cloud
Running a business that delivers a competitive SaaS offering requires flexibility without the traditional overheads. Three Rackspace SaaS customers will discuss how their businesses are keeping pace with their customer requirements while remaining lean and able to scale quickly. Through the support and expertise of Managed Cloud, these businesses are delivering value to their clients, without having to focus on the hardware.

DAN BLEAKMAN (Facilitator)

11:20 AM - 11:40 AM
Demystifying DevOps
“DevOps” is more than just a ‘buzz’ word in 2015, which brings technology and culture together for improved communication, collaboration, integration and automation, but many fear it is a culture change or capability that is beyond their reach. Ben Beath, Head of Digital at digital agency Loud & Clear, shares his story around how outsourcing DevOps delivered significant efficiency gains and a reduced time-to-market speed for some of Australia’s most popular fantasy sports games. Ben will discuss the obstacles required to navigate the culture shift of building on the internal development expertise and leveraging external DevOps capability as well as how adopting a DevOps culture can affect more than just the development and operations team within a business.
BEN BEATH – Head of Digital, Loud & Clear
11:40 AM - 12:00 PM
Panel: Fanatical About Support
Fanatical support® is the backbone of how Rackspace delivers service. But what is Fanatical Support besides sounding like the promise of something great – does it deliver? During this panel Rackspace customers, andTyreright, will give you their real-life Fanatical experience. From their first impressions of the concept, to troubleshooting challenges, you’ll hear what this crazy little thing called Fanatical Support is to those who experience it.
DANIEL WRIGHT – Chief Digital Officer, TyrerightCRAIG CASTLE-MEAD – National Business Systems Manager ANZ, Digital Process & QA Director APAC, Young & Rubicam GroupSUE PATERSON – Business Unit Manager ANZ, 3M Health Information Systems
12:00 PM - 12:20 PM
All Cloud Platforms Are Not Equal
Join this session to hear from an industry leader with deep expertise in transforming the way customers build, deliver and consume IT resources. Learn how VMware’s cloud solutions combined with Rackspace Fanatical Support deliver tangible value through reduced costs and concierge IT. Together we help customers of all sizes reduce complexity, increase business agility and ensure freedom of choice as they transition to IT as a service.
ANDREW GOODLACE – Senior Director, Enterprise and Commercial Business Australia, VMWare
12:20 PM - 01:30 PM
01:30 PM - 02:15 PM
IT: The Unsung Hero of Digital Campaigns
What makes a great campaign? Is it a great concept, a cutting edge creative design or a highly targeted message? Well it’s all those things but what about all of those niggling technical considerations that can remain overlooked. How to scale if the campaign is wildly successful but ensure the budget doesn’t blow out, guaranteeing performance so no opportunity is missed. Craig Castle-Mead’s very experienced and capable team at the Young & Rubicam Group manage a lot of high profile campaigns. Join him as he walks you through the considerations and the nuances of several different types of campaigns and why setting expectations upfront and working with a strong hosting provider is key to not just success but sticky customers.
CRAIG CASTLE-MEAD – National Business Systems Manager ANZ, Digital Process & QA Director APAC, Young & Rubicam Group
Open Technologies Empowering the Consumer
The technology disruptors of today and the future are about enabling greater choice for their customers – building API’s on open technologies and ensuring transparency of offering – they can defragment the complexity of technologies that are ingrained in a business and difficult to unwire. Rob Lincolne, CEO of Paydock has leveraged technology to develop a ‘new payments democracy’ – one that removes the pain from organisations trying to manage their payment processing and integration without being restricted by a specific payment gateway’s limitations. Rob will take you through Paydock’s evolution and how technology and a DevOps culture enabled them to do what noone else is doing in the payment gateway industry. Sharon Lu, General Manager of Tyro Fintech Hub – who support fintech entrepreneurs – will give her perspective on the emerging and disruptive trends taking place in the banking, finance and insurance industries.
ROB LINCOLNE – CEO, PaydockSHARON LU – General Manager, Tyro Fintech HubSTUART GATENBY – CTO, The Search Party
Startup to Scale Up - The Journey to Big Data
Overhauling the recruitment sector with a powerful big data solution which matches candidates with employers and reducing hiring times by more than 80 per cent, The Search Party has become an integral Cloud-based tool for many businesses around the world. This success means that they are now a mission critical tool for employers and recruiters and 100% uptime is critical for their business. Stuart Gatenby, CTO of The Search Party will take you through the journey from idea to scale and discuss key considerations of being “always on” and preparing to scale from the beginning.
02:20 PM - 03:05 PM
Key Considerations When Adopting Cloud Solutions
As businesses continue to embrace cloud, IT must not only navigate the complexities of a best fit solution but how it integrates into their existing environments. Emma and Yannick have 12 years experience combined in deploying cloud strategies across businesses. Learn what to expect in the consideration and adoption of cloud solutions and how to anticipate common pitfalls while accelerating the take-up of cloud within your organisation.
YANNICK TOWNSEND – Senior Solutions Principal, EMC

EMMA PUDNEY – Strategy & Transformation Services Manager, Rackspace

Intelligent Data-at-Rest Encryption: Keys to Cloud Security and Compliance with Rackspace
In order to successfully leverage the benefits of cloud resources while meeting cloud security and compliance requirements, IT and business leaders should ask themselves the following questions: How is it possible to meet cloud security and compliance requirements? Can your organisation maintain control of sensitive data within the Rackspace offering? Will the use of this cloud service increase an organisation’s exposure to data security breaches? How will this cloud service reduce your risk profile as it relates to customer information and intellectual property? Is it possible for Rackspace employees see or access your business data or provide access under subpoena to government agencies? Join CJ Radford as he discusses:
  • Data encryption and key management fit into a broader security framework.
  • Common myths of data encryption (the realities may surprise you).
  • How we restrict access only to those who have appropriate user credentials and privilege.
  • Flexible deployment models with Rackspace as well broader enterprise public, private or hybrid clouds environments.
CJ RADFORD – VP Cloud, VormetricCOREY ADOLPHUS – Hybrid Cloud Architect , NetApp
Protecting Your Company's Crown Jewels: Solving Data Protection Problems with Cloud
In a 2015 ESG survey, nearly 50% of organisations say they are adopting cloud for data backup and archiving, and 35% use cloud for disaster recovery. As businesses shift to cloud to be more agile and competitive, a data protection strategy that supports key business objectives becomes ever more important. A future-proof data protection strategy goes beyond backup and archive. It should support continuous business operations and delivery of the right data to the right place at the right time to enable timely decision-making and response to changes in market conditions. In this workshop, learn how NetApp and Rackspace can help solve the common problems with data protection being:
  • Too slow
  • Too expensive
  • Too risky
  • Too complex
By the end of this workshop you’ll have a clear understanding of:
  • Top 5 use cases for cloud-integrated data protection
  • How a data protection strategy enabled by a data fabric can help deliver on key business outcomes
  • How to get started with creating a cloud adoption strategy tailored to your organisation
03:05 PM - 03:35 PM
03:35 PM - 04:20 PM
Going All In With Cloud
For many businesses experiencing rapid growth, moving to 100 per cent Cloud makes financial and strategic sense. But the prospect can be daunting as there are many considerations before taking the leap. During this workshop, simPRO CTO Jonathan Eastgate will provide insights into the key reasons the global leader in job management software moved from a colocation set-up to all Cloud. The session will also look at how Cloud has improved the business in areas such as latency, security and support, and what is required for successful deployment and maintenance.
The Power of Search
From humble beginnings in 2001 to a leading global eCommerce acceleration provider trusted by more than 800 retail and content sites and serving over 1 billion search queries each month for businesses in five continents, SLI Systems, like any SaaS provider have had their challenges along the way. SLI Systems have built their business on the fact that poor performing websites cost businesses sales. Search is arguably the most important element of a successful eCommerce strategy by connecting online and mobile shoppers with the products they’re most likely to buy. Join Michael Grantham, CIO of SLI Systems as he gives you a candid insight into SLI System’s challenges of managing a fast growing SaaS business including how they built a winning culture that got them through at times, incredible adversity.
MICHAEL GRANTHAM – CIO, SLI SystemsMICHAEL STILL – Core OpenStack Developer, Rackspace
OpenStack® and Why It Matters
What is OpenStack and why does it matter? Join Michael Still, a long term OpenStack developer, as he walks through the history of this Open Source Infrastructure as a Service platform co-founded by Rackspace. We’ll briefly cover the most important components, before examining some of the OpenStack deployments that Rackspace has helped out with. Finally, we’ll cover how Rackspace takes OpenStack components and makes them ready for production workloads.
04:25 PM - 04:45 PM
Building Online Marketplaces in a Bank-centric World
Online marketplace lending is challenging the traditional banking paradigm and changing the way people view credit around the world. Marketplace lenders are taking on incumbents on price, service offering and convenience, forcing banks to take notice and reappraise their way of doing business. Marketplace lenders like SocietyOne are launching efficient front-end platforms underpinned by advanced cloud-based technology, at significant cost advantages to traditional legacy- stricken lenders. SocietyOne is Australia’s first and largest online marketplace lender, backed by Reinventure Group, Westpac’s venture capital fund, as well as a consortium representing the Stokes, Packer and Murdoch families. The company’s rapid growth is powered by its SaaS-based platform, ClearMatch, founded by Greg Symons. Greg, who is also the co-founder of SocietyOne, will outline how ClearMatch has been the backbone of the company, and how services like Managed Cloud are supporting the business through its next phase of growth.
GREG SYMONS – Founder, ClearMatch
04:45 PM - 05:00 PM
ANGUS DORNEY – General Manager & Director, ANZ, Rackspace
Wrap Up
05:00 PM - 06:30 PM


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